Dating Gasoline Boy Inibunyag ang Istilo Ng Mga Gasolinahan Para Makadaya Ng Mga Customers

Recently, a concerned netizen announced on his Facebook account about a “modus operandi” allegedly becoming prevalent and victimizing unknowing motorists. Jahaziel Selosa Falla published on his timeline a number of photos to support his report.

He called the modus as “Putok Bala” and apparently occurring on gasoline stations. When a motorist refill gasoline from a certain gas station, the gasoline attendant may make it appear that gasoline is being loaded, but the truth is the meter has not actually moved from 0.00.

According to Falla, the modus happens before one motorist arrived at the gas station and there is another motorist ahead of him.

“Nagsisimula ang modus bago ka pa mag pagasolina, mayroon dapat motorista na magpapagasolina bago dumating ang iyong sasakyan.”

He gave a sample scenario to explain what he is trying to expose.

“Ang naunang motorista mag papagasolina ng Php. 100, siya’y aalis at ang nozzle ay hindi ibabalik ng maayos ng gasoline boy.”

The gasoline boy will keep the nozzle on its current position and will not remove it there, until another motorist comes along.

“Pag dumating na ang susunod na motorista, isasalpak kaagad ng gasoline boy ang nozzle at kanyang kukunin ang iyong atensyon upang di mo makita na wala sa 0.00 ang metro pagtapos nito kanyang i-input, halimbawa, Php. 1000 ngunit sa totoo lang ang iyong napagas ay Php. 900 lang.”

So, the unknowing motorist did not realize that he was being misled and robbed.

“Bale naka programa ang mga pump na dagdagan lang ang Php. 100 para mabuo siya sa ininput na Php. 1000 pagkat hindi nareset ang pump pagtapos ng naunang motorista. Ang hindi pag kamit ng reset na ito ay magagawa sa hindi maayos na pag pwesto ng nozzle sa pump, ang siyang pinakita sa larawan.”

Falla admitted that he, himself used to work in a gasoline company and he knows the proper way to refill gasoline. According to him, the actions of the gasoline staffs may deceive motorists who are quite inattentive inside the gasoline areas.

Falla warned fellow motorists to be vigilant and meticulous.

“Kaya mag ingat mga motorista, wag magpapaloko at maging alerto pag nagpapagasolina at kung may pagdududa, ika’y maging metikuloso, ito’y iyong karapatan.”

The said post of Falla was already deleted from his Facebook account. However, it was already shared by other netizens in other social media platforms.

Do you believe Falla and what he revealed? Do you think it is possible to happen? Share with us your comments here.

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