Kris Aqiuno Reveals Why She Won’t Let Bimby Play Basketball

The Queen of all Media, Kris Aquino is an open book to the public. She is one of the celebrities who are generous in letting their fans know what is happening their lives. Unbeknownst to all, Kris has two sons, one from actor Philip Salvador and another one from her basketball player ex-husband James Yap.

In a comment as a reply to another comment on her post, Kris Aquino revealed that she doesn’t want Bimby to ever become a basketball player, despite his dad being one.

When she posted a photo of her and Bimb, an IG user lymeni23 commented on how tall Kris’ youngest has become. She ask if Kris would let him play basketball.

She replied that she didn’t want any team sports for her child. Because she knows that if her child gets hurt, she’ retaliate and hurt back the mom of the other player. She even said that she knows they might lose endorsements like that, so she would rather have her children in other sports like swimming for example.  Because in swimming, you stay in you own lane, less contact and less chance of her children getting hurt.

“I’ve said this - ayoko ng team sports because kung ma-siko or makipgsuntukan and bunso ko, everyone close to me knows - susugurin ko yung mom nung nanakit and baka mawala lahat ng endorsements namin because for sure kung anong nagawa ko sa bagwa sa Feng Shui, yun din ang magagawa ko if my baby gets hurt.... I feel swimming will be the safest - because STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE.... I thought of golf but Bimb has asthma & allergic rhinitis so that got crossed out. I love tennis but Bimb’s not interested. Sila ni kuya are natural water babies - effortless for them to swim. I can barely float.”
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