Mystica Turns To Raffy Tulfo To Get Help Get Her Career Back

In an event that is not going to die soon it seems, another turn was made as Mystica went to Raffy Tulfo to ask for help against Nino Barzaga and Drew Olivar who allegedly disrespected her and framed her up.

From the beginning of the show, it is clear that Tulfo is not updated about the matter so he had her recount everything from the start, but redacting the part about the president.

She started with her live video asking for Coco Martin for a part in “Ang Probinsyano” and then saying that after the role ended, she took another live video, this time targeting Michael V. This, according to her is where Drew and Nino started their bashing.

As Mystica continues her story, it became clear that after she has released her video calling out to the Tulfo brothers, Drew and Nino started calling her.

At one point, she said they offered her a hosting gig for an event organized by Duterte supporters. However, she found out that it was not really an event all along. They just called her to get her number and humiliate her during a live video that they posted on live.

When Nino was called, he said that no matter what Mystica decides to do, he will just wait for the formal summon. He said he will appear, but he did not reveal anything while on air on Tulfo’s program.

In a frank statement, Tulfo asked Mystica if she was using illegal substance. She said no, and Raffy said that he will set it up for Mystica to have a voluntary drugtest, which Mystica agreed to.

If she ends up positive, Tulfo will not help them. If it is negative, Tulfo will do everything in his power to help her against Nino and Drew.

Watch the video here:

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